The Sad People Club

A Battle Already Lost

me against the world

Someone once told me: “The ultimate goal must be the victory of the Ego over the reality.” I completely agree with that statement. We are in a hostile environment, Life is constantly trying to brake us and the Ego stands up versus the Reality in a desperate attempt to change it instead of be changed.

People have always wanted to be able to control the environment. To be above the laws of the universe.  There are plenty of new age preachers who claim they can teach you how to levitate, or see the future, or speak with the dead, or command others with the power of your mind. But that is different. The victory of the Ego versus the Reality is not about anything like that. It is about finding out who you are and not letting the surroundings change you. It is about remaining true to yourself.  It is about opposing Life and wining.

The victory of the Ego over the Reality is important, yes. And is also impossible. Ego is evanescent, reality is eternal. There can’t be any real…fight. Any actual collusion.

There can’t be any hope.

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