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A matter of choice

depressing winter scenery

There are two options.

One is to be reasonable. To accept that [clickandtweet handle=”” hashtag=”lifethoughts” related=”” layout=”” position=””]the chaotic impulses of the heart do not lead anywhere, tame your desires and even learn to command them.[/clickandtweet] To change yourself in order to be what you want to be. And finally set a goal which you think is right.

The second option can be described with the too commonly used (and in my opinion unnecessarily glorified) expression “To follow your heart.” To trust it. To believe that the best you can be is what you are. Instead of fighting your desires simply try to please them. Even if at times this looks silly and illogical. Even when you can’t see where this road is going to take you.

Which one is the right choice to guarantee happiness? I don’t think there is one. Some people choose the first option, and others go with the second. At the end, they are all unhappy.

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