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Admitting Your Weakness

a reminder of death

Those last several warm days turned out to be a good opportunity to work in the garden. Me and my father, each armed with a shovel and under the watchful eyes of my mother began this godly activity. I couldn’t help but notice that my dad is often taking a rest. When there were just a few more meters left he stuck the shovel in the ground and told me to finish it alone. I heard him behind me drinking water from the bottle.

– Well, come on, you can’t just leave me like that!

– I can’t go on anymore.

The hardest moment in my life will be when I tell my son “I can’t go on anymore”. Click To Tweet

Standing in front of some youngster, who I had to teach how to tie his own shoes, and not to grab the knife from the sharp side and having to tell that boy that “I can’t”. It scares me. Maybe because of too much pride. Hopefully I will overcome this before the time comes but looking at my father… He hadn’t managed. He is just like me in so many ways.


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