The Sad People Club

Fear of Reality

victim of depression

I just hate it when people say stupid things like:

– Hey, why don’t you come to a party with us, have some fun, dance and laugh… You know, like you used to. Life goes on! You shouldn’t think so much about it. A man must go on no matter what. Stop looking back if you want to move forward. Keep yourself busy, keep going, keep telling yourself that “it doesn’t matter” and keep smiling! You will be fine in no time!

Well, if it didn’t matter, why would I be depressed in the first place? What, you think I’m an idiot? Why do you fail to see that it not only matters, it defines the rest of my life and might just be the most important thing that will ever happen to me? You still think I shouldn’t care?

I think if right now I was smiling, that would make me an ignorant, heartless piece of garbage. It would oppose everything I consider human.

I think that instead of lying about how you feel just for the sake of “looking normal” you should face life for what it really is, start calling the things with their real names and overcome your fear from reality! It makes you look pathetic!

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