The Sad People Club

I hate being right

ruined life

I see you smiling a lot lately, dear. I am happy for you, really. I like your smile. I remember the time when you didn’t smile at all, even though you now deny there was such time.

Today you come to me, patting my back, telling me that everything is fine, that I should be more positive, that we live in a beautiful world and life is what we make it. You say I should have more faith in the future.

I know that sometimes I annoy you with my philosophy, sometimes I bore you, sometimes I upset you, and sometimes you think I am a fool. But one day you will wake up feeling worthless next to a man who doesn’t care about you, with children who don’t know you, with friends who you don’t dare call on the phone, and with a job you can’t stand. Then you probably will think of me and you will say to yourself “He was right”.

Not that it will make me feel better. It’s just the way life is.


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