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Let Go

lonely night

I stumbled upon a life quote saying that instead of trying to control our life one must simply learn to let go and then Life will bring to him whatever is best for him at any given moment.

It makes me wonder what special kind of life the unknown author of this quote had lived. Because my experience so far has taught me quite the opposite. Life is absolute chaos. The events brought to us are random and have no hidden goal behind them. It is up to us to bring some order into it. If we don’t things might turn out pretty well for us. But more often than not, they go terribly bad.

However, I do agree that maintainingĀ control over our life is impossible. Things just happen. Our plans hit rockĀ bottom. Our achievements fall apart. We spent years creating something, then it is suddenly taken away from us, turned to dust, and we have to start all over again.

So if it is as hopeless as it sounds, why should we keep living like that? Because this is the only way of living. There is no alternative. Whoever says otherwise is either deluded or lying in an attempt to take advantage of you. You better accept the truth.

That’s just the way life is.

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