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Life is but a game

game of life

Like any other MMORPG, Life has no meaning. The only stimulus is gaining experience and hunting for items. It seems really interesting and exciting at the beginning, you often say “WOW! Look at that! OMG!” but not long after the only thing you say is “why the hell am I still doing this?” You stand in the middle of an endless universe, hiding unthinkable beauties and secrets, but in order to get close to them must keep gaining experience and hunting for items.

There are some quests meant to add some relief to the whole situation but in time the feeling of “been there, done that” gets more tangible and it is hard fighting it. You find yourself cycling day by day, hoping for something extraordinary to happen.

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This hope eventually dies and gets replaced by another reason to go on. Maybe you do it by habit. Maybe you don’t like to give up. Maybe you do it to meet other people’s expectations. There are some lunatics – idealists – who sometimes drag you along with many others into one battle or another. You try to get affected by their enthusiasm, sometimes you succeed. Those are not your fights, not your causes, you can never fully understand the reasons behind them.

Then comes disappointment and apathy. You say that you still enjoy it, that you are happy, that you wouldn’t go on if you didn’t want to but in fact you are bored like hell. Wherever you go, whoever you meet, whatever you do – it always seems somehow artificial. Fake.  You wish that you would already reach the end so you can rest.

And here I am with the good news. You will reach the end. Be patient.

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