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Lucky Ticket

sunset windwills

– You need to sum up the first two numbers and the last two numbers. – I hear a young girl’s voice coming from the back of the bus. Apparently she is trying to explain something to her companion. – Then subtract the larger number from the smaller and if the result equals the middle digit, then you have a lucky ticket and it will bring you luck!

I suddenly remembered I’ve heard of this before. I am looking for my own ticket, supposedly in the pockets of my coat. I have to stand on my feet if I want to reach the bottom of my pockets. Finally, there it is! The number is 87267.

I wish all of those superstitions were true. Tickets bring you luck, falling stars make wishes come true, totems keep us healthy. Life would have been so much better. But they don’t. And my own ticket is just as useless as any other.

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