The Sad People Club

Nothing Can Hurt You

headed for a fall

 – Just what do you mean by saying that nothing bad could ever happen to me? – I asked – I can think of so many unpleasant things.

– Unpleasant! I wasn’t talking about these! – He said, irritated by my womanish lack of savvy. – I meant something else. Once you realize that nothing bad could ever happen to you, then your life becomes much easier. That’s right, Mother: whatever happens, two things can happen. You are going to live through it, and then everything will be fine. Or you are going to die because of it, which is even better. You know what I mean? Mother Nature has been too kind to us. No one gets a heavier load than he can carry.

Sounds like good news, doesn’t it? Nothing bad could ever happen… Things look so simple if you look at life that way. And you can smile.

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