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On Sunday I decided to clean up a cupboard full of old notebooks from my high school years (which was quite a long time ago). In high school I had the habit of scribbling on the last page of my notebook when classes were extra boring. Now I got curious what I’d written back then and something caught my attention:

“My world filled with magic is turning to ruins. I want to be a fairytale hero again. Where time has no meaning and I can see what awaits at the end. Where I am able to see peoples’ feelings by just looking at them and hear their thoughts when they talk to me. I wish someone would believe in me again.”

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I used to build castles in the air all the time back then. But it was a funny feeling reading those words anyway. Like they had been written by a stranger, someone I had never known. And I couldn’t help but wonder “What happened to that person?”

He died, obviously.


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