The Sad People Club

The Way Life Is

a bench in front of a burning fire

Most people are used to seeing only the bright side of life. I’m not. Everywhere I look I see a proof that life is a mistake. For example, I know this girl and boy who are deeply in love with each other. They are both pretty darn miserable and desperate. I know that for sure, because they are both close friends of mine and come and talk to me when they feel like talking. I know it when they feel insecure, worried, or confused and all the things they wouldn’t share with one another. And it is a pity because I can see they are just not going to make it together – it is only a matter of time to break up, which will make them even more miserable and desperate than they are now.

The worst thing is that this is just the way life is. There is no need to look for any reasons or contemplate on who is the one to blame. The bad situation they are in is not a result of their own mistakes. It is not the wrath of gods you could think of punishing them for their sins. There has never been anything they could do to change the outcome. It is just the way life is. Most of the time things are NOT that simple. And there are plenty of things you cannot make come true. Bad things DO happen to good people.

It’s just the way life is.

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