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At the very least

love has nothing to do with it

– Dude, what can I say about marriage? It is like looking for a job. It is not that you want to work but you know that you have to start doing something sooner or later. You check out all job offers, you filter the most appropriate, you weigh the pros and cons and finally pick one. You still don’t want to work and you are surely going to miss the time when you had no obligations, but… it is what it is. If you are the loyal type you can stay on the same job your whole life. In time, you get used to it. And then the everyday life you had chosen doesn’t seem so disgusting anymore. I know it sounds stupid but look at it from a different angle. [clickandtweet handle=”@farewell_bo” hashtag=”#thoughts” related=”” layout=”” position=””]It has become obvious that we are not going to achieve anything of value in this life.[/clickandtweet] We should, at least, try to have a family and raise kids. Hopefully, they will be better than us.

Oh, and by the way, please don’t talk to me about love right now. Love has nothing to do with it.

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