The Sad People Club

Being Different

don't be you

Someone may tell you that it is good to be different. People who are different have a bright future ahead. They just stand out from the crowd. If you are yourself, you draw attention somehow. You must be proud of being yourself, one of a kind, so find ways to highlight the unique aspects of your personality. And even use it to achieve what others couldn’t.

Parents often tell such things to their kids because they feel pity for them and want to encourage them.

But that’s a lie. In fact, everyone who’s stands out tries his best to become more like the rest. Being true to yourself is hard enough. You tell a joke but nobody is laughing. You rejoice but is just you, and there is no one else to keep you company in that. You share your most intimate feelings but they just miss the point. You are scared to death but nobody believes you.

And you are alone.


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