The Sad People Club

I Wish You Were Here

Last evening I was sitting on the sofa in the dark living room, rain pouring outside (again!), and I was switching the songs on my player time after time, not finding anything matching my mood. Apparently I felt lonely because¬†after a few minutes of clicking “play next” I realized that I was not really listening to the songs anymore, but I was rather thinking of you. I wished you were here. Really.

That gave me the brilliant idea to make me a YouTube playlist with songs called “wish you were here”. You would be surprised how many songs with that title there are! At least I was. I spent hours listening to them and I am sure there are even more which I missed.

Most of them were great. I tend to enjoy all sad love songs. But the one I liked most was a song I heard for the first time. It doesn’t seem so popular, judging by the number of views. But it is a bit old, so maybe that’s the reason. Anyway, it has a really gentle, soothing melody, which fueled my nostalgia in the most perfect way imaginable. I loved the pictures on the video, too.

So here it is. I think you might enjoy it just as much as I did.


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