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A Few Days Off


abandoned house


And I have promised to myself that I will never sigh again. But that’s a promise I always break. I keep telling myself that I am just tired.  On the good side, it’s Friday and I am still alive.

I don’t remember if I  told you how much I like full moon. The other day when I was going back home after work the moon was really low, colored with something like dirty tiles, and there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky… At the airport it was on my right side, as the bus approached the city I could see it through the left window, then just in front of me, above the high buildings. Full moon gives me peace of mind and makes me feel closer to my true self.

You have to believe me, I really am tired. I think it would be great if I could have a few days off to rest and forget about college stuff and all. And if I could take a break from work. And if we could just go our own ways for a while so that I could take a break from you.

Only for a few days.


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