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A Noble Lie

lie about love

– I have given up on myself a long time ago, it is you I am worried about. From all the things I can give you, did you really have to ask for love? Trust me, I haven’t seen a day go by without asking myself if I am ruining your life.

To lie someone that you love them is tricky. You know that the truth will hurt them. Maybe hurt them so much that it would even kill them or ruin them emotionally forever, leaving their soul scarred which will mark the rest of their life. Often that person does not deserve it and you know it. So you sacrifice yourself and lie.

That is something serious indeed because it is not just a one-time lie. It is a lie you will need to nurture for as long as you are both alive. To make it seem real it takes a lot of pretending and compromise with your wishes and desires.

Trust me, I haven’t seen a day go by without asking myself if I am ruining your life. Click To Tweet

What you can somehow miss though is the fact that you don’t just make it worse for youself. You also make it worse for them. You doom them to living with someone who doesn’t truly love them. They are destined to spend their whole life with someone they don’t really know. You take their life and make a huge lie out of it. Of course, what they don’t know won’t hurt them, but no one is that good at pretending. Sooner or later they will feel it. In all the small details. And this will suck off the happiness out of their life. Out of the lives of both of you.

So maybe if you have told the truth in the first place, you would have eventually found someone special and everyone would have been happy at the end? No, not really.

That’s just the way life is.

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