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walking barefoot

At the end of August, when eastern winds blow, I will take a day off work. A day when you will be off, too. I will wake up early – at 9:30 I will leave my car in front of your house. I hope you to see you smiling, waiting for me. Otherwise you may easily ruin everything…

But you will be smiling. I can see your swimming suite’s strings around your neck and shoulders, you look like summer, girlish and sexy. Especially with that straw hat and sunglasses. Where did you get those? I’ve never seen you put them on before. They look so great on you when you smile.

We will drive south with the windows open, we’ll sing together summer hits on the radio and will change the frequency when they play a ballad. We won’t talk much but we will laugh a lot. Just before we reach the city of Byala there is a turning and a hidden dirt road that leads to a small beach with no people around and no garbage. Water is great! We can easily stay here all day long if we want, there is food and water in the back of the car.

At noon it rains for a short while, we hide in the warm sea, then we lay on the wet sand for hours, watching the waves. At least two meters high, maybe even three. Their crests make the see look white. We gather some dry wigs and light a fire before it gets dark. It is getting cold already, the wind is stronger now. We can stay to watch the sunset if we want, the night here is not like nights in the city. The sky is filled with bright stars and the moon looks so close. Or we can leave. I am tired. It was a great day. Thank you. Goodbye.

There is still plenty of time to dream of the sea in August, who knows what will happen meanwhile. I might as well forget what I’ve planned or have no car, I even may not have you. Let’s meet tonight, I want to hug you and I would love to hear about your day.

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