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sad love story girl

I had an accident and hurt my foot badly on a cup while I was at a party. I went to the bath and put my foot inside the bathtub. The wound was wide and bled badly with no intention to stop, no matter what we tried.

By saying “we” I mean the girl hosting the party and I. It took me some time to realize that she was really concerned and worried. She was also more scared than I was. To the point when I was the one to calm her down instead of the other way around. I made this joke how this might be the last sunrise I will ever see. She didn’t take it well. She simply… cared. A lot.

It turns out that love needs a reason to show up. I can’t tell if it is for good or bad but that’s the way it is. You can only love people who need to be loved. And people only need love when they hurt. When they are weak, alone, and hopeless. Go ahead, give your love to someone who’s happy. They just won’t appreciate it because they don’t need it at this time of their life.

Happiness makes us loveblind. Sad, isn’t it?


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