The Sad People Club

Reason to Smile

hug me please

I wake up smiling when I dream about you. I opened my eyes and in the crack between the hanging sheets on the clothesline I saw a tiny part of the winter sky with the color of lead. It was dawning.

In my dreams you are always a passive observer. You stand calm somewhere on the background and smile at me when I see you. Or we walk past each other and at the last moment I see you and our eyes meet, I wave at you and you give me a friendly wink.

I stirred under the blanket, the warmth was pleasing. I wish I could stay in bed for the rest of the day. This morning I didn’t remember anything from my dream but a blurred sense of your lips. Sometimes it was your hands, this time it was your lips. No one has softer lips than you. Have I told you that I love you? I was still smiling when I closed my eyes, waiting for the alarm clock to ring.

You know, sometimes sadness and happiness merge into one warm, soft feeling and you can’t tell the difference between them any more.


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