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Second True Love

tears of love

Listen, darling. What you two have isn’t love. And it’s time for you to accept it. Speaking of love, your relationship is not a good example.

Love is that one feeling you felt long ago. Do you remember how it felt? That unfamiliar thrill which made your pulse rush and your ability to think completely vanish. Weakness in the knees. Butterflies in the stomach. Anxiety. Insomnia. Dreams, dreams, dreams.

You could easily turn your back on everything in the name of that love. It makes you forget about yourself and your own needs. It is the feeling of finally being complete. Absolute happiness. Confidence that there is bright future ahead of you. Hopes. It is the amazing fact that you can finally look into someone else’s eyes without trying to hide anything. It is the warmth of a palm. It is the whole beauty of life in a single feeling.

Where is all this now?

All you have left is memories and you are desperately trying to hold on to them. You try to behave the same way you did when you were in love. You pretend you really feel it. But just look at you. You are calm. You are rational.

Love knows no borders, no limits. But you say “I would do everything for you” and you can actually make a list of all the things included in that “everything”. You say “I will love you for the rest of my life!” but you know in which specific cases you could cancel this promise. If it is not unconditional love, then it is not love at all. It’s a compromise. It is a logical choice.

You justify how you feel by making excuses that you’ve changed, you’ve grown older, and you’ve grown wiser. But in fact, you’re just not in love.

You won’t have another chance to be in love. It only comes once in a life time and you already missed it.

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