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Short story

walking without love

Just dump him – I said without giving a second thought about how she would interpret my words.

This happened while we were on our way to her place after I had decided to walk her home despite of her coquette protest. We had had a good time together that evening. As usual, I had talked too much. But now we were walking silently, perhaps because we were both tired. At some point, I began to ask her about her current relationship. It’s been going on for about 2 years and she had never spoken about it to me. That is when she said she wasn’t sure what to do and I said:

– Just dump him. – I liked how firm, confident and emphatic my voice sounded.

– And why? – she asked with unadulterated curiosity.

– So I could call you at any time of the day and talk to you without having to worry about that placing you in an awkward situation. So I can go out with you, take you to the movies or go swimming together, walk with hours, maybe even at night, without me feeling guilty like I am doing something wrong. So I can send you messed up SMS’s in the middle of the night when I am drunk somewhere without being afraid that the wrong person might read them. So I can hug you if I want to in front of the door when I walk you home.

She looked at me and smiled slightly but she didn’t say anything and to this day I still have no idea what she thought at that moment.

End of story.

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