The Sad People Club

You Weren’t There, My Love

freezing to death

For the first time winter makes my hometown beautiful. The trees are covered by snow and look like crystal figurines.  It’s impossible to describe them with words.

With a little help from your imagination you can erase the rest of the universe from the picture and all that’s left is pure perfection. The whole field in front of the airport looks so… so… I don’t know. But I could easily spend the whole day watching the frozen grass. The view is magnificent.

There is no one here but me. If I touch the grass, countless miniature crystals explode into a dance in the air. Sparkling under the sun. I instinctively want to feel them with the tips of my fingers just to make sure they are real. Fragile, gentle, evanescent… Cold. How could I describe beauty? It would have been so much better if you were here my love, with me, so you can see this, with my arms wrapped around you.

But the day is over now, and you weren’t there. I gladly go to bed. Today I got a little more cynical and a little less caring. A part of me died today. Just like every other day. Thank you, Life.

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