The Sad People Club

And we are rarely sad

forget your past

I am not impressed by your happiness. I know what you sacrificed for it.

The sharks are happy, I guess. They only remember a minute or two. No more. That’s just how their brain works. Now that’s what I call “live for the moment”. A lot of people would think of it as a bliss. Isn’t that what you were looking for? Isn’t that what you are proud of? Isn’t that the way you move forward? I even recall you advising me to “live for the moment”. Well, how about “go to hell”?

“We are quick to forget and we are rarely sad” says one of Remarque’s characters. He says that with great irony, with absolute desperation, with the deepest sadness for all the things he had erased from his memory for the bare cause of surviving. That’s exactly what you did. And you are proud of yourself. Proud with your happiness.


If happiness lies in erasing or faking my memories, I'd rather be sad. #thoughtoftheday Click To Tweet

The bad thing about sharks is that they must never stop. Even while they sleep they must remain in motion. Always moving forward. Because if they stop, they die.

That’s just the way life is.


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