The Sad People Club

At Her Wedding

candles light our love

It is strange because I never expected something like this to touch me so deeply. But I’m honest enough to admit to myself that in the wedding hall my breath was taken away. And before that, in the church, as I listened to the priest intoned reading the gospel and the women singing “amen” and “god bless” I felt like making a cross, lighting a candle or whatever it is they do in a church and then pray to Him Who is in Heaven to grant her happiness. I don’t know if it is normal, but if in that very moment I was granted one wish, it would have been “Let her be forever happy!” I wanted that sincerely. For a moment, I was ready to give my all in return for that one wish. If only, there was a way to achieve this! If only there was something or someone who can protect her from life.

But there isn’t. Such prayers remain unheard.

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