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Nowadays the process of discovering new things is brought to a minimum for the majority of people. I think free and easy access to information is to blame and we are so used to it. When we want to prepare a new meal we can go online and find a ready recipe within minutes, and we don’t need to spend our whole life experimenting with the ingredients.

That is great!

The problem is that we also look for ready answers when we are unsure how to live, what to believe in, how we feel, what to think, what to like and dislike, how to tell good from bad, what values to embrace as our own and what to detest, what dreams to have, etc., etc. More and more people are looking for answers to these questions in books, magazines, TV talk shows or reality-show stars.

And that is just pathetic. We are here to find our way in life on our own. Not let others define it for us.


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