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Positive Thinking

There is no hope in life

You know those emails your friends send you to show that they think about you and they care? You must have come across them. They usually cite Mother Theresa, or Dalai Lama, or the Bible, and try to convince you that life is beautiful, the good always wins, and true love overcomes all obstacles. They teach you how to live, how to behave, what to cherish and what to despise. In a nutshell – these e-mails are disgusting.

I recently saw a book where all sorts of such letters were collected in over a hundred pages. A friend had bought this book and she was falling in pure ecstasy as she leafed through the pages. She read it to me out loud and often said: “Hear that one, that one is my favorite!”

I was confused, a little shocked and in a way terrified. What was she hoping for? I felt like telling her that even if she would read this book a dozen times, even if she would sleep with it, even if she would learn by heart every single line in it, her life will not get any better.

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